8000 Kg Heavy Duty Fixed Container Ramp

Part No: EW-CR8000-F

The 8000 Kg container ramp design is primarily used for bridging a forklift from standard ground level into a standard shipping container. Container ramps are designed specifically to match the height of a container and allow entry and exit of forklifts carrying heavy loads. They prevent damage to your forklift and the ground by attempting to bounce your forklift up the container lip. Fixed or removable ramps are ideal for minimizing tripping accidents where there is a large amount of pedestrian traffic. They are also useful where products on wheels need to be moved in and out and can be located at any door opening.
$2,600.00 excl GST

8000 Kg Fixed Container Ramp Heavy Duty


  • Suits level ground applications where container access in confined spaces required
  • 1.8m ramp length allowing easy placement and removal of pallets in a container
  • Raised side plates prevent forklift from driving off the side of ramp
  • Fitted with pockets each side, plus flip-up front tine pockets allowing placement in confined spaces
  • Safety chains ensure a safe connection to the container while in use
  • Reinforced underside to eliminate steel fatigue
  • Enamel paint finish
  • Capacity (SWL): 8000 kg
  • Measurements: 1800 x 2300 x 250 mm
  • Weight: 410 kg